15 Nov 2019

Statement on Y+ engagement by the Y+ Board

 “Kidole kimoja hakivunji chawa” (“one finger cannot kill lice”) 

This popular Swahili proverb is a reminder to us at Y+ of the importance of collaborations, partnerships and joint involvement in the global efforts to end HIV.

Y+ is the Global Network of Young People Living with HIV (YPLHIV). We are a network of  young people living with HIV from across the globe, leading in the global HIV response. Y+ is proud to be a point of call for many national and international HIV and SRHR organisations, when seeking the knowledge and expertise of YPLHIV.  When YPLHIV are contacted to be involved in the planning of initiatives, projects, programs and events, there is an opportunity for meaningful and ethical participation. This must be championed and prioritised. Y+ believes that the process of involvement, participation and planning is as important as the final output. It is critical that YPLHIV are treated professionally and respectfully throughout the planning process. 

We have outlined our expectations below that we have of all and any organisations that approach us to request our (members/affiliates) involvement and input into their initiative(s), projects, programs and/or events.

  1. That the organisation(s) complement our values. As the Global Network of Young People Living with HIV our values are embedded into everything that we do and what we represent: 

INCLUSION( Leaving no one behind): We aim to ensure that all Young People Living with HIV especially those representing key and marginalized populations are meaningfully involved in our programming. 


We remain consistent and resilient in overcoming challenges and reaching our goals. We learn to support each other and build capacities within our communities. 

EMPOWERMENT: We develop and support Young People Living with HIV in taking control of their own health. Through obtaining relevant information and research we understand the needs of Young People Living with HIV at all levels (local, regional and international levels). 

ETHICAL: We operate and collaborate with a sense of diligence, integrity and transparency, building trust within our networks. 

ACCOUNTABLE: We require excellence and transparency from ourselves, our partners and stakeholders. We design and implement systems that allow for monitoring and evaluation of our practices increasing accountability and transparency within our organisation. 

  1. That the requesting organisation(s) clearly states in writing the role of Y+ board members and/or Y+ members/affiliates and how our input will influence the project
  2. That the requesting organisation(s) covers all expenses incurred by (including, but not exclusive to):
    1. Travel costs (including airport transfers, visa application costs, insurance- travel and medical) 
    2. Food costs
    3. Accommodation costs
    4. Communications and preparation costs (such as internet costs)

Stipends should be paid in advance, no YPLHIV should face personal costs because of their participation.

  1. That the requesting organisation(s) demonstrates how YPLHIV have been meaningfully involved in the area of the work that are intended to serve/support/influence the lives of YPLHIV
  2. That the requesting organisation(s), where appropriate, demonstrate how they have involved local communities