Meet Y+ Global new Board members

17 Jan 2020

The Global Network of Young People Living with HIV (Y+ Global) is delighted to announce the selection of Enow Awah Georges, Tanaka Chirombo, Aishling McCormack and Korrion Gary as new Board members representing respectively West and central Africa, East and Southern Africa, Central Europe and North America.

Who are the new Board members?

Enow Awah Georges MD is a Youth Frontline Health worker, Sexual and Reproductive Health Consultant and a skilled Youth Advocate. He has over five years’ experience in research and advocacy on global health, HIV/AIDS, Non-Communicable Diseases, Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, child and Adolescent health.

One of the greatest challenges faced by YPLHIV in West and Central Africa region is stigma and shame to openly talk about their HIV positive status and lack of knowledge on HIV treatment. As a board member I wish to bridge that gap, advocate for no stigma and create a safe space for knowledge-based discussions and awareness around HIV.” stated Enow Awah Georges.

When Enow was informed about the success of his application to be a Board member, he was very excited and surprised, yet he knew that it was going to be a great responsibility to represent the voices of YPLHIV in West and Central Africa. Enow’s priority areas of focus will be advocacy, capacity building and research.

Tanaka Chirombo is an HIV/AIDS Facilitator and Health Rights Advocate currently working with Youth and Society (YAS) – human rights and governance watchdog with focus on youth and marginalized groups. His core work is to champion rights and freedom of YPLHIV and promote positive living. He is also a co-founder of the National Association of Young People Living with HIV (Mzuzu Chapter).

“Young men are defaulting on medication, there is need to focus on their wellbeing and programs that encompasses everyone. Safe spaces and strategies for them to adhere well to their medication and achieve a suppressed viral load.” says Tanaka Chirombo.

 Tanaka is passionate about greater engagement of YPLHIV in their diversity. He wishes that the cohort is equipped with adequate knowledge and skills as a start up package in their advocacy line which will allow the positioning of their experiences and expertise at the heart of the global AIDS response – YPLHIV plays a crucial tole in ending AIDS by 2030.

Aishling McCormack is a social care worker who is passionate about working with marginalized groups of people. She is an upcoming female activist who hopes to bring forward a fresh face, a new perspective and a different background for the HIV population in Ireland. She enjoys meeting new people with various cultures.

“Young people growing up with HIV have been lacking psychosocial support. Growing up with HIV is very difficult as young people face a number of challenges which leads to depression, suicidal thoughts among others.” heralded Aishling McCormack.

Aishling envisions to see a region which prioritizes the mental well-being of YPLHIV and the implementation of youth-led programmes.

Korrion Gary is the Co-Director of Project G.L.O.W, an empowerment group for man having sex with men ranging from the age of 18-24 years. He has been working with the community for the past 2 years. Recently Korrion was the USMBGM scholar for “Ending the Epidemic” conference.  He had the opportunity to host his very first empowerment group and did workshops on suicide, raising awareness to adolescents and young people on mental health issues.

Despite the availability of HIV information especially for young people, this group does not know more about HIV including those who are living with HIV. This assumption must stop, and service providers and all players need to educate young people living with HIV so that they are informed with the latest information. I would like to ensure that the young people are well educated on HIV related issues than they were yesterday.” – Korrion Gary.

From all of us at Y+ we wish Enow, Tanaka, Aishling and Korrion the best during their term.