New Y+ Board Chair – Bakita Kasadha

17 Feb 2019

After two days of hard work on the new strategic plan, the Y + Board had its regular annual meeting on 4 February 2019 in Amsterdam. Based on the terms of reference, Y+ board proceed to the election of the new board Chair. Unanimously, Ms Bakita Kasadha was elected as the Y+ board chair.

Ms Kasadha is a British born Ugandan, living in the London (UK). She works on a range of HIV related initiative from projects about developing digital platforms, to peer education and creative workshops for people living with HIV. Outside of HIV advocacy, Ms Kasadha is a writer, poet and workshop facilitator. She is currently studying a masters in anthropology and community development.

“I am so honoured to be elected chair of such a fantastic team! 2019 is going to be an exciting year for Y+. We are launching our three-year strategy and workplan and we will be welcoming three new board members! I want to continue to build on the successes of my predecessor and former board members” has declared Ms Kasadha incoming Y+ board chair.

According to Julian Kerboghossian, the outgoing Y+ Board chair, Y+ has reached a level to be recognised as the leading global young people living with HIV network.

“I would like to thank the Y+ board representing all YPLHIV who trusted me, it was a great journey. I hope I was up to YPLHIV’s expectations and was able to be their voices. I have no doubt that Y+ has now shown its capacity to be the YPLHIV leading global network making sure that all stakeholders understand that the YPLHIV lives and well-being matters.” Stressed Julian Kerboghossian, The Outgoing Y+ board chair.

Asked about her main priority for her term, Mr Kasadha proudly mentioned that with her board and secretariat, their main priority will be:

  • Championing young people’s quality of life: YPLHIV need access to latest treatments and our lives need to be prioritised beyond viral loads and CD4 counts.
  • Making decisions and leading: from research, service delivering and programme design, nothing about us without us.
  • Ethical engagement: meaningful engagement cannot and should not be the goal unless it is done so ethically. Above all, meet us where we are respectfully and humanely.

“Young people living with HIV have the capabilities and passion to lead in the global HIV response, on a local, regional and international level. We already are. We deserve to determine our future and present (whether that is within or outside of HIV advocacy). It’s going to be a busy year – I’m excited!” Ms Kasadha